Tuesday 21 April

Roger Carswell

Personal Evangelism

Tuesday 28 April

Michael Ots

Jesus for Sceptics

Tuesday 5 May

Martin Povey

 Evangelism that Understands

 Today's Culture

Tuesday 12 May

Vinny Commons & Joe Kirby

Evangelism in the Open-Air

Tuesday 19 May

Tony Brown

Evangelism amongst the Cults

Tuesday 26 May

Andy Peace

Children's Evangelism

Tuesday 2 June

Roger Carswell

Principles for Preparing

 an Evangelistic Message

Tuesday 9 June

Various Interviews

Evangelism around the World

Tuesday 16 June

Paul Hinton

Making a church

an evangelistic church

Tuesday 23 June

Tony Brown

Evangelism to

Roman Catholics

Tuesday 30 June

Various Interviews

Evangelism around the UK


Watch Again

Evangelism Training

The Evangelism Training Sessions below where delivered on line via Zoom during the 2020 Covid-19 lock-down. Each sessions is followed by a Question & Answer session.